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Silver Holds Ground Near Support, Uptrend Still Tentative

Silver prices (XAG/USD) are currently trading near a key support level of $30.00 after a correction from their highs earlier in May. While the price has pulled back, the overall uptrend might still be intact.

Technical Analysis:

  • Support at $30.00: This level represents a major support zone, coinciding with the highs of a previous four-year consolidation range.
  • Uptrend Tentative: Despite the pullback, there’s no clear bearish signal yet. The saying “the trend is your friend” suggests that long positions could still be favorable in the short term, assuming the uptrend continues.
  • Potential Rebound: If Silver finds support at $30.00, a rebound towards the previous high of $32.51 and potentially beyond is a possibility.

Key Indicator:

  • Break Below $30.00 Crucial: A decisive break below the $30.00 level, marked by a strong bearish candlestick pattern, would cast doubt on the uptrend. This could signal a potential trend reversal.


The current situation for Silver is somewhat precarious. The price is hovering near a critical support zone, and a break below could indicate a shift in sentiment. However, as long as the price holds above $30.00, the uptrend might still be in play, with a possibility of a rebound towards previous highs. Monitoring price action and any decisive breaks above or below the support level will be essential for gauging Silver’s future direction.