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Frequently asked questions


Our service was developed for only one reason, to assist members around the world. To have a friend, a shoulder to lean on. This service income like any other service in the world by advertisement financial institutions.

A trading signal is a piece of calculated information on any financial market for generating profit. Our trading signal provides all the detail you may need to trade. All signal produced and sent with a clear entry point, stop loss and take profit level.

Trading signals for online market have different titles, but all mean the same and serve same purpose i.e. currency signal, currency forecast, EUR/USD recommendations,

Yes, no signal will be issued without stop loss (SL) and take profit (PL)s level. We advise, not to place any trade without SL and PL. Theoretically, it allows controlling maximum loss for each trade, which is most important to secure account.

We should not trade for the sake of trading. Unless or until the right opportunity identified, we will not send a signal. Our goal is to provide trade that can make a profit rather than generate signals to enter in “trade.”

Sometimes the market is so volatile to trade. It’s better to lose an opportunity than trade with uncertainty. Though trading can have losses, our method always considers the best possible calculation to avoid unwanted losses.

Try our free signal service for real-time performance and to determine its quality. It’s 100% free, so test it out before upgrading to our paid service.

We use Price action strategies, Volume analysis, Buyer/Seller demand ratio, Fundamental economic news analysis, Trend status, etc.

If you need any help or have any questions, we are available most of the time on our site or by email:

it’s important to go about it the right way. By dedicating yourself to gaining more knowledge about the intricacies of this dynamic market, you can start to develop a deep understanding of how to properly analyse trends, interpret economic indicators, and identify opportunities for lucrative trades. With this newfound confidence, you’ll be able to hold your positions for longer periods of time, weathering any fluctuations in the market and ultimately reaping the rewards of your savvy investment decisions and watch as your financial prospects begin to flourish!
During your duration with our service you will find that you will have unlimited questions, we are here to answer them as much as we can.